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Spiteful Renewal

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Hey. Admittedly, as a casual PvE player, I'm unaware of this trait's popularity. It seems like something that doesn't make much of a difference. I can't say I've ever really picked it when I trait spite. If my sentiment that this trait is lacklustre is shared, maybe this trait could get some attention?

Here are just a few ideas that I think fill the role of a survivability trait as well, but could hopefully also fit better into the spite line as well as more builds.

- Removing or corrupting a boon siphons health.

- Removing or corrupting a boon cleanses a condition from you.

- Steal a small amount of health when you apply vulnerability.

- Heal yourself and cleanse a condition when you kill something (has a short icd).

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The tooltip is still outdated on top of that, mind you. :P I actually like the condi cleanse on spite, as it would offer a lot of sustain in WvW where everyone and their granny have many boons. It may not sound like a lot of sustain, but in the long run, your idea would see a lot of condis being stripped, especially if the trait is paired with relic of antitoxin.

My take on this trait?
Gain resolution for each boon you corrupt or remove. Entering shroud strips boons, grants you resolution each hit, and cripples foes. I'd keep the bonus boons removed on foes below 50% HP.

While you have resolution, it siphons health and you remove a boon from an enemy (5s cooldown on stripping a boon).

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2 hours ago, Lahmia.2193 said:

It exists so you can roleplay Consume conditions as its old self, before they made it a corruption skill and tacked on the self vuln.

It existed even before...

All in all it exist to give spite a sustain option that fit the GW2 necromancer's theme, nothing more nothing less.

I'd add that I'm pretty sure that the devs are content with the fact that nobody really complain about the trait being OP and that most necromancer taking Spite don't really care about such a trait since what they want is "more damage" and there are otpions for that.

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