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Characters Under Level 30 cannot chat in squad/party/broadcast - even if you're the Commander

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While I understand this is an intentional change, I'd like to report this as a potential bug. I know this is a great new feature to probably prevent some other abuse of the chat system from new players or bots. But many of us use squads to host and communicate events. In particular, many people who RP use squad chat as another chat channel to help describe things going on in the scene, or to help with chat scroll. (And we often have characters under level 30 because they are a stand-in character as an NPC we are making temporarily for said roleplaying event. Or otherwise.) And while I know this may not be the intention of squads - this IS how a lot of members of the community use it.

I thought this was a bug for WEEKS before someone told me about the change to level 30.

Would it be possible to maybe consider reviewing this fix and changing it to accommodate some of us that use squads in this way?

Thank you!

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Posted (edited)
13 hours ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

It's not new; it's been a feature since, at least, June of 2019.


You could try posting a suggestion in the Suggestion Sticky in GD.

Good luck. 

I can say with confidence that I did not experience this until a few weeks ago as someone who actively uses this on characters under Level 30. This also appears to be under the "Free Account"  section - right? (Unless my eyes are deceiving me.) (The other things mentioned in this section - such as being unable to enter a map until certain levels - is not something I've experienced before.)

If I recall too - a lot of these limitations actually didn't happen for existing accounts, right? A lot of the PvP and WvW limitations, and trading post limitations, are an example - I don't believe it blocks you per character for this. (I think it may hide the icons for at least PvP and WvW but I've certainly traded on these characters to transmute low level gear into something nice.) I've also done a lot of custom emotes on these characters - even now, with squad chat being unavailable. (Only really the character weapon usage ones are the big ones I remember experiencing.) My account has been around since a day before release.

It's also really odd that this occurs for me if I'm the one who is creating the squad.

So it's possible this has been bugged for awhile and they only just fixed it. Regardless - it seems like a bug now that players have been used to it for almost 5 years.

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