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Can I remove and reinstall?

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what do you mean with game information?
you wont lose your progression. you would lose your safed login (accountname + password).

you could just move your gw2 folder to your new drive by drag and drop. this would prevent losing anything...

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7 minutes ago, hornedchick.6841 said:

It did! Thanks, I had no idea you could do it that way. It copied all the files, so is it safe to delete the original copy in C now?

yes. if you want, you could run it from the new location to assure yourself.
but if you use a shortcut to open it from desktop for example, you have to make sure it links to the new one.

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1 minute ago, hornedchick.6841 said:

I made a new shortcut, it works! It doesn't show in the D drive list of apps, but it's there and it works. Thanks everybody!

If you're referring to the Windows settings UI, that is reading from an entry in the registry.  The registry entry is meaningless to the game itself.  You can always remove it from the registry if you know Windows "under the hood".  It's also safe to just ignore the Windows Apps ui for GW2.

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Yeah, I'm just looking at the listings under settings > apps... I want to uninstall the copy on C to free up the space, but the new copy doesn't show in the list for the other drive. I can open the folder and see it's there, though. I'm just being nervous about uninstalling it, I think.

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