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Reaper invisible scythe when busy on screen

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Hey all,

Went back to reaper after playing harbinger for a while. I remember few bugs with the scythe but nothing crazy.

Now as soon as im fighting in WvW or in an event the scythe NEVER appears in shroud. Then when everything calms down scythe comes back again.

Worst thing is i see other people scythes but not mine !!

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I am having this same issue, scythe sometimes appears sometimes doesn't, at one point I was in an instance with my friend (another reaper) and we could each see the other person's scythe, but not our own. I would love a fix for this tbh, my charr reaper looks absolutely ridiculous hacking and slashing around empty-handed xD

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I have reported this to the support. Ive exchanged screenshots with them.

They told me they are aware of the problem. I read there is an update tomorow. Hope it will fix this issue. Im Always back to Harbinger when this bug keeps occuring...

I mean if we Always see other s Reaper scythe. Should not be too hard top do the opposite. Hide other s if performance needs it but show ours !

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Well update today, problem not fixed. I still the others scythe but not mine. i guess it is not even adressed for now 😞

ill keep on playing harbinger. This bug destroys a whole class...Imagine a mechanist with invisble mech lol

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