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wvw, q not moving while in OS bug

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Hi! I sent this earlier via ticket but got told to post it here

Today I was playing with my guild in wvw. At some point we decided to switch map to EBG. We were full squad so obviously half of us got stuck in q. Those people who were in q (including me) decided to go to OS to reduce load from other maps (maybe someone was still in q to our previous map, so we made space for that). People were slowly getting into EBG, except me and one other guy. We started conversation about q and what our positions were - He was first, I was second. Around 40 minutes passed and our positions in q did NOT changed. Another thing that was concerning is that during this time some players from our group who were already in EBG were leaving the game, yet our postions did NOT changed. After few more minutes, I went to other border and after around 1 minute my q into EBG popped. I asked the other guy if he got in and he did not. Just to remind, He was first, I was second. I told him to try switch to border which he did, and then he got into EBG in around 1 minute aswell.

So summing up: While we were waiting in OS, the q for us moved only until we were first and second. Then our positions in q didn't changed for ~40 minutes, and we were still not getting in despite players inside EBG quitting the game. Then we swapped to borders and for some reason I got in before him, despite being behind him in q.

It all looks like at some point q for us just froze in place and it definitely was letting other players in who qued later than us. All of this happened around 6h ago as Im posting this, and we are at ettin's back server.

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