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Frequent Disconnects

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I played this game a bit years ago, and I decided to try to get back into it, but I'm getting frequent disconnects, usually every 5 to 20 minutes. They happen everyone, on character select, while playing, during conversations, with no rhyme or reason.

They usually have error 7:11:3:202:101, and some times after that error comes up, it will then change to 1101:4:5:1752:101. The game is basically unplayable in this state.

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How much Memory? If it is only 8GB this is likely your memory management with windows and GW2 both hiting 4+GB each.

Another likely reason is virus protection scanning Pakets.

And finally you should check your internet connection to the AWS in which gw2 is running, see e.g.: 


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I had this before, I used WinMRT to ping the server so the connection wouldn't drop.

Basically every time you change map you do a /ip then you put that number into WinMRT, yes it is annoying but less so than disconnecting.

That really helped, but what fixed it for me was to open up ports, you go to your short cut and in the path you add...

"C:\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe" -clientport 80 -clientport 443 -clientport 6112

I haven't had issues since, worth a try, see if that helps.

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Thanks for the help all.

I have 32gb of RAM, so I doubt that is a problem, and in general my computer exceeds this games specs.

I put the the three clientports in my shortcut, and that did not seems to help, nor did setting up a ping to the ip I'm currently on(I used WinMRT).

I did a traceroute using -diag on the guild wars 2 shortcut, in the hop section it seems to fail near the end of each list eg.

Computing statistics for 100 seconds...
            Source to Here   This Node/Link
Hop  RTT    Lost/Sent = Pct  Lost/Sent = Pct  Address
                                0/  50 =  0%   |
  1    1ms     1/  50 =  2%     1/  50 =  2%
                                0/  50 =  0%   |
  2   10ms     1/  50 =  2%     1/  50 =  2%
                                0/  50 =  0%   |
  3   12ms     2/  50 =  4%     2/  50 =  4%  po-309-1240-rur102.burien.wa.seattle.comcast.net []
                                0/  50 =  0%   |
  4   12ms     1/  50 =  2%     1/  50 =  2%  po-100-xar02.burien.wa.seattle.comcast.net []
                                0/  50 =  0%   |
  5   12ms     0/  50 =  0%     0/  50 =  0%  po-2-xar01.burien.wa.seattle.comcast.net []
                                0/  50 =  0%   |
  6   12ms     0/  50 =  0%     0/  50 =  0%  be-302-arsc1.burien.wa.seattle.comcast.net []
                                2/  50 =  4%   |
  7   22ms     2/  50 =  4%     0/  50 =  0%  be-36141-cs04.portland.or.ibone.comcast.net []
                               48/  50 = 96%   |
  8  ---      50/  50 =100%     0/  50 =  0%  be-2111-pe11.losangeles.ca.ibone.comcast.net []

The others perform similarly, I could post them if that would help, unfortunately network admin is not my specialty, so I don't know how to interpret the results.

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Yeah I keep getting this same exact error.  I have a tendency to disconnect after ranked PVP matches (can't leave the match, it just takes a while then disconnects despite me clicking the leave button).   It doesn't always do that but it's the majority of the time.  Usually it's when changing maps/zones.   But it also happens randomly when not going through a loading screen.

I have gig speed internet.  I've done a lot on my end to make sure I don't have connection issues.  I've stopped using windows firewall. I also made sure I have the necessary ports open for GW2 + steam (I play on the steam version).  I also even found an advanced setting in win11 that actually allows  you to control ports for individual programs and I made sure everything was open for GW2 and Steam.

This is a really strange problem.  I get the same exact code: 7:11:3:202:101

It FEELS like it's a routing issue, if that makes sense.  But I wonder if it's just a GW2 server issue.  I also have 32GB of RAM so it shouldn't be a memory issue for me.  Also that doesn't make sense to me considering it's a disconnect. NOT a crash.  It just boots me back to the lobby where I can double click my character and load right back in with no issue.

There are moments I disconnect a few times in an hour.  There are moments I go a few hours without a disconnect.  

I really wish I could get to the bottom of this. I'm gonna keep searching.  

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