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wizard's vault daily objectives tip

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Anyone who does wizard's vault dailies regularly has their own favorite ways to get the objectives done. I thought I'd share mine because since the recent rework of the objectives (yay for no more crab toss!), I have a place I keep an alt that is working particularly well for me. I have my settings set to PvE only, so this post applies to the PvE objectives only.

I have a level 80 alt running the Metabattle Core Power Engineer build, though other engineer builds probably work similarly. I station her outside the eastgate in Auric Basin. I can do a lot of the most common objectives pretty easily with this one character in this one area (running from there northwest around the golden city to northgate), so I don't have to do as much char switching and zoning to get the dailies done.

Here are the challenges covered by this one character:

  • View a vista in the heart of maguuma (there's one right there inside eastgate I view over and over)
  • Defeat 25 enemies: The pocket raptors can be used to rack up the count quickly. I switch to the mortar kit, run into the middle, drop the 'throw mine' on myself, then mortar kit 5 for healing so I don't go down, mortar 2, (or 3, or 4) and then 1, 1, 1 until they're gone. 
  • Perform 3 combo skillls: Same as the above - mortar kit 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all combo fields, while mortar kit 1 is a combo finisher. The fields last 10 seconds or more giving you time to drop one field and 3 finishers before it wears off.
  • Defiance break: There are a lot of arrowhead hatchlings which have a particularly weak defiance bar. You can break their bar with simply rifle 4. You can also get a defiance break on a veteran arrowhead with toss mine, rifle 4 and the F1 skill (static shock). This build has a lot of defiance break potential.
  • Five Veterans: lots in the eastgate to northgate corridor, veteran arrowheads, vinetooths (teeth?) and a mushroom charger in that eastgate to northgate corridor
  • Loot 10 enemies: I farm the arrowheads
  • Harvest resources: Lots of nodes in this area

Obviously this doesn't cover everything. The meta in Auric Basin repeats fairly frequently, if you need events and you catch the meta you can get your three events easily. For killing an elite there aren't any in this area, so I zone to the PvP lobby, map to the combat training waypoint and kill the elite golem there. A bit of trouble, but easier than most open world elites.  For crafting you'll want a different alt stationed at a crafting location, but if you have a vip area pass like Amnoon Oasis you can have the engineer use the pass to go to a crafting location and return to Auric Basin when done.

But the more expansions you have, the more likely you are to get objectives that require a character in another place. Can't help that, but this is pretty good objective coverage from one well-placed alt. 



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My tip.


Make sandwich

Queue for PvP 

Eat sandwich

Play match 

Collect all daily chests

Go back to work. 


This gets me the daily most days with out needing to do anything else. Of course if you dislike PvP (or sandwiches) this won't work for you

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My favourite way to do "Defeat 10 enemies in the Horn of Maguuma" is to go to the Wizard's Tower and just drive round a bit on my turtle, torching the ambient creatures with the jets as I go.

For some reason, ambient mobs count, but only for Horn of Maguuma (though they don't count for the general "Defeat 25 enemies" one).

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Instead of viewing the vista at Eastwatch in AB, I always view the vista at Jaka Itzel, so I can drop down and get the flax farm right after. Even if you waypoint back up, it's definitely worth it to me.

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