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Cheaters in WvW

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Multiple Mesmers on Lutgardis Conservatory are cheating or exploiting bugs. And before you come in here telling me how they do it, I don't care.

First off:   Cloudseeker.1602  was 'flying' around SMC for hours on end last night. NOT gliding, but 'flying'. It wasn't even their team who controlled SMC. And then if you did pew pew them in the air and get downed, they would then port hundreds of meters away to self revive and start this nonsense all over again.

And now we have:  Sylver.6137   They have 24/7 distortion running. You CANNOT kill him, you can't even damage him 1 hp.

These mesmers need to be stopped for they are ruining this game mode!

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55 minutes ago, Gud.6829 said:

Is there any anti-cheat at all?

There was way back during POF. Caught a lot of people too. I'm not 100% sure about the specifics but apparently, the way in which Anet went about catching them was not legal/appropriate. (?!) It's Anet's game and I fully support them doing what they have to to better manage this. It has been worse than it has been in a long time.

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I was running alongside an ally player. Both of us were heading to green keep (we were red) to join our allies who were fighting inside. Sadly, I couldn't join them because the walls were repaired but at least this other guy made it by teleporting to the repaired wall and then going inside. And no, he wasnt portal'd or anything, he just teleported from the bottom to the top, like when you use a blink skill to teleport to a cliff. This guy was from a very popular guild/alliance by the way.

Reminded me to how certain jMag person used to play.

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Yet Stealth Mechanic and Teleport are allowed to continue to go through wall structures and objects for 13 years+ with having 13 years+ of hard evidences including pictures, names and videos.





"A real failure does not need an excuse. It is an end in itself.” 


For 13 years+ there always a need of a  Scapegoat, as long it is not Thief Profession

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Rant: "Hey I'm getting tired of pretending that everything is fine and keep supporting this game, Arenanet doesn't care anymore about creators and clearly not even about the average player neither, we report and send tickets multiple times about people who harass us, and even hackers who are shameless like this one, shown in the video. Because these people are still there playing, and at most, they get 1 week ban and then return to keep ruining the fun for others.

Honestly Arenanet policy of not telling you the result of the report is lame, we need to know when you take action. Is Anet that much scared of losing players by perma banning them?

To Arenanet: You know how much I had to endure from you treating me like kitten (and I always been respectful to not leak your NDA), and from all the players who harass me and you do nothing about it, do somehing for once before the game dies.

Do I need to go post this on twitter so the whales react and you act??? Yea you know, I am talking about you, SENIOR COMMUNITY MANAGER with an anti harassment speech, and MARKETING SPECIALIST, good job on last video btw, it seemed like everybody loved last expansion, right? Don't try to call me doomer, I have been here for 12 years and I will still here, you won't get rid of me, I love this game, the community and my friends are the reason why I keep going and I help more than most, but this management is so bad, just do better please, I don't want anything from you, I never needed anything from you. I know you guys don't like me but I will keep saying what I want."


❤️~The Truth Comes To You JenPlays. The Truth Loves You~❤️


(Thank You! Youtube Streamer: DjDragon for bringing this evidence to wareness)

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6 hours ago, Dean Calaway.9718 said:

Just FYI they'll delete this thread because you put their names up, they always do that.

Which is sad.  

There's video evidence of that guy cheating and keeps getting away with it.  

 Calling him out in the company's public forum is the least of their problem. 


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We've recently had players sitting afk on key siege, preventing other players from using it when a keep is under attack, and of course the pulling of tactics before the keep is attacked to render them useless.

No honor or respect for any guild who takes a keep under those types of conditions. It's like, congrats you capped, but you lost respect and reputation doing it.

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