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Devouring Cut feels clunky with Path of Gluttony in the game now

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Harbinger Shroud 3, Devouring Cut (DC), feels quite clunky now that Path of Gluttony (PoG), Sword 3, is in the game.

There is this delay on DC which makes it feel so slow for a movement option, compared to PoG which is near instant acceleration. It definitely helps that PoG flips into Gorge for Double dashing which feels great but if we try to examine them both as single movement skills: DC is a slow movement skill that makes me never want to use it as an engage or a movement tool.

My recommendation is to increase the acceleration and decrease the activation time accordingly as well.

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Personally I disagree. The movement portion of those abilities feel the same: they are both targeted abilities that "charge in" on your current target or zip off in whatever direction you're facing if you have no target and they have similar speed-to-target and cast times.  Yet the movement is secondary to everything else. One does strike damage, can heal, and corrupts boons  and can only be used out of Shroud and the other delivers some decent strike damage and a very long lasting amount of torment and can only be used in Shroud.  Both should be regular parts of your rotation if you have them available but you wouldn't go into (or out of) shroud just to use the movement ability.

Movement is secondary.





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there is a time between harbinger shroud#3 activation and when the player actually starts moving.
this makes the movement much slower in practice compared to other movement skills.

You can test this by getting one of your friends and asking them to run beside you while you use this skill.
This will let you see how much distance you will be able to cover in actual fight where someone is chasing or running from you.

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