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Please provide a summary of Linking to enable faster team building

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A list of the 4-10 major guilds per team a few hours ahead of relink match start (similar of the world links before), could improve reset organization a lot (e.g. some coordination who leads on which map).

Also an ingame list of all guilds linked together into a team (ideally with a small team message per guild, similar to the current guild message, but additional to it) visible to that team would be nice. 

And finally a list of currently active public (not hidden) WvW-Comanders, maybe even with the possibility to announce planed leads ahead of time.

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Still Totally unbalanced im the olny 1 on eb with a blue zerg of 40 was way better the old way give back our servers we paid gems to move around to and from servers . Terrible this stupid 



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