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Untamed needs it's own UI element for Unleashed states


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The untamed needs it's own UI element for Unleashed states. Currently if I want to see what state my ranger is in at a glance, I have to look down at my Hammer skillbar to see what version of those skills are active..

It's not good enough and it's incredibly cumbersome to do in the middle of a difficult fight that requires my full attention. Plus, it just lacks any flavor.

For comparison, look at what Warrior bladesworn gets. A full UI element that shows the number of shots they've got, as well as a cool flame effect that glows across the bar when it reaches full power.

Untamed just needs something like that... Something as simple as vines growing across the skillbar or something that grows or withers based on the rangers untamed state, or when Untamed Ambush is ready.

Literally anything would be better than what we have now. which is nothing..

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There are literally icons for Unleashed Power and Pet/Ranger unleashed on the right side of the bar.

Also, the pet icons change to unleashed icons when they are unleashed; normal icons when ranger is unleashed.

Currently also have the green effect on pet when its unleashed, but them making that fade away won't really help matters--would be great if that didn't go through or was a toggle but meh.

And finally, the ranger almost always yells 'Unleash!' when unleashing and 'Set em' up for the kill!' when the pet unleashes.  Like, a lot lot.  

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