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Notes on Warrior (Power Zerker) (Evaluating June 25th Patch)

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I’d like to preface this by saying that Guild Wars 2 is a lovely game, and does many things right when it comes to respecting a player’s limited time, money, energy and attention, even when dealing with harder content. It is because of this perceived valuing of the player that I am even willing to put this together, in the hopes that eventually the design for the class derivatives I will talk about below get addressed and constitute additional examples of the effort that is often put forward to make sure the people playing the game have fun doing so.

I would also like to assert, for the people that may be listening and have said philosophy by some nature ingrained in their thoughts: that classes, weapon skills, specifications and traitlines are not and never will be -old content- until the game shutters. They cannot be put aside or left to languish for long periods like other, more shippable content like dungeons, raids, or other instances. They constitute the interface through which your player interacts with the world you've built, and if the player by means of this interface encounters disproportionate struggle compared to other players who merely prefer a different flavor of interface, that frustration will bleed out into just about everything you ask of them when it comes to asking them to support your game. Why should they continue to support your game if the avenue you provided them to interact with the content you developed does not allow them a satisfactory way to do so?

That being said:



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