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LFG in WvW shows Squad from enemy/old worlds

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I was surprised someone using LFG in WvW and joined it.
I went on the Eternal Battleground, where they were advertising their Squad, but I couldn't see them.

I'm on Aurora Glade (id 2013) and the Leader is on Fort Ranik (id 2102).
Their team is Kormir's Library (id 12013) in Tier 2, and my team is Frost Citadel (id 12008) in Tier 6 (Europe).

I see the coincidence of ids 2013 and 12013.

I tried to create my own LFG, but I can't see it.
Neither in Squad play, nor in Party play.
But I can Edit Group Description, so the advertisement must have been created.

The LFG is created for the new Team,
but the LFG window shows only for the old World.

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