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[EU][PvE - Campaign] Tyrian Aurora -TYRA-

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"Heroes of Tyria in the past, heroes of Tyria in its present."

First created in the original Guild Wars in 2023, Tyrian Aurora has a goal: Running through the campaigns of the original Tyria with as much players as possible and with the restrictions of each campaign release, on a game reaching soon it's twenty years.
With our GW campaign in Eye of the North, it was decided to run a similar campaign on Guild Wars 2!
The rules are simple: Everyone starts with lv1 characters, and we progress through the storyline as well as the available content as a group, rather than alone.

Who are we?

TYRA is a joint community of GW1 and GW2 players that enjoy the game as is, without pressure or heavy commitment.
On Guild Wars, we host events every Friday and we are currently in the last campaign of the game: Eye of the North.
On Guild Wars 2, our campaign through the Core game will start this June 26th, with scheduled events every Wednesday!

Want to join us?

Join the Tyrian Aurora [TYRA] Discord server !

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