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Tyrian Taste Testing Achievement

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Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone fails to offer 'Jar of Finely Ground Bloodstone Dust" for 4g and Bloodstone Dust...have Tyrian Taste Testing active. Actually do not see the small crown above his head as all the rest have had....bug?


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Did you have the 250 bloodstone dust in your character’s bag?  Similar interactions/achievements sometimes require you to have the extra items (like the dust)  in your bag and won’t count what you have material storage or bank. 

Don't think that's it. I just started this achievement today, quickly found Seimur, talked to him, there was a dialogue option just for the "condiment" and I was  able to buy it without any dust in my bag (plenty in both my bank and material storage).  

According to the wiki Seimur is in the Grove today https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sous-Chef_Seimur_Oxbone

When I got there I realized he was in the Sylvari Home Instance in the Grove (bottom floor).  This guy is also the part of the Cooking achievement to get level 500 crafting in Cooking and get a Cooking station in your home instance.  With my main (an asura) I can see Seimur and the cooking station in any home instance (in the Sylvari home it's in the ground floor of the first room you enter, just on the other side of the first spiral "staircase") but when I checked with my sylvari engineer (no cooking skill) I don't see Seimur in the Sylvari home.  

Since you can see him but not get him to offer you the right things It's possible you are getting some kind of collision with the cooking achievement.  Try interacting with him with a character that has completed the cooking achievement. 

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