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Dragon Bash arena and mount trial

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I already sent an in game bug report. I also sent a support ticket. I went into the arena on my low level character as I was in Hoelbrak and wanted to try it out, not having done this festival before. While in the middle of fighting a boss a mount trial splashed across my screen and mount trial started on a character under 10 and one I did not want to do the mount trial on yet anyways? I never clicked anything, not icon on the side, not gap where mounts would be - hell I dont even have full utilities so no reason to intercat with anything that would make a trial start.

Support have not done anything yet even though i asked that they remove it for me. I cannot play character until resolved as do not want clock ticking down on a character. Help!

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The trial is earned at level 10, but unlike level up rewards, any character can accept it. You must have had the trial waiting from another character and had too many rewards queued up, which causes the oldest to be automatically accepted.

Simply reach level 10 again and you can have another trial on whichever character you want.

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