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Proposal: Hammer auto-casting 3 on each attunement swap on combat

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I think that, while in combat, 3 could auto-cast everytime we swap attunement and auto-cast for current attunement when we enter combat, and leave its active component to only to decide when to shoot grand finale.

I'm starting and learning hammer so feel free to provide me more insight, but as I know, its gameplay is just to swap attunements, keep stacking and refreshing the spheres to stack the buffs, and when you can't stack more buffs, shoot. Right now I'm developing muscle memory to instant-rapid-fast-automatic-mindless cast 3 right after attunement swapping, so I have the balls refreshed and the buffs going on, and I can free my mind to focus on combat and not on the balls. Autocasting 3 would not change my gameplay, and I don't see how manually casting 3 provides any meaningful interaction other than tedious. Maybe in some situation it would be useful to not cast 3 until some seconds after attunement swap, to extend duration? Well, that also means you spend more time without the extra passive, and you just fill your mind with extra tasks for the rotation, so I don't see how meaningful it would really be to manual it.

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