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Dishonor System confusion

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Can anyone clarify how it work?


What does wiki mean when it says "Stack expire while offline"?

Posts from 2013 claimed each stack last 72 hours. Does each dishonor stack still last 72 hours?

If so, I have to wait 72 hours offline to lose one stack? If not, how does one lose stack?

How do I know if I have a dishonor stack? Is it shown any where on UI?

I had to decline queue today due to life. According to wiki I am supposed to gain 3 stack of dishonor?

But how was I able to queue again when I came back in less than one minute?




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I am not familiar with how it works intimately, but I think there's a buffer where you don't get dishonor if you occasionally miss queue. You probably only start getting stacks of it once the game determines you've missed queue often enough that it constitutes a pattern. 

"Stacks expire offline" means that, as long as you have not been determined to have bought a tourney placement, your dishonorable gradually is removed regardless of whether you play the game or not. It's not a pseudo ban on the game, or a forced timesink.

Dishonor is not visible to other players, but its visible to you (probably).

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13 hours ago, Duff.9543 said:

So if have stacks it will be shown as debuff above my utility skill bar? I assume?

I'm not sure if you get an icon or something showing you get dishonor stacks

I believe once you fail to ready a q pop or dc from a match you get this "dishonor stack" it last 72 hours and it keeps counting even if you are offline

everytime you fail to rea a q pop or dc your dishonor stacks refreshes, but i'm not sure if it's cumulative or not

while you have a dishonor stack everytime you fail to ready a q pop (3 min dishonor) or dc (13 min dishonor) this timers will stack

so if you fail to ready a q pop once you get 3 min without being able to q, if you fail one more time next dishonor will be 6 min and so on

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The dishonor system has always been pointless and has never worked correctly.  

That's evidenced by the number of times the Q will get stuck at 9/10 for like a minute two, and then put you in re-Q'ing then get stuck two or three more times in a row.  Same person Q'ing, same person dodging said Q, and same person not having dishonor stick so they can't keep re-Q'ing.  

Just don't be an idiot with match manip or Q dodge and you'll be fine.  

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