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Does dying to HoT hero points make you cry in map chat?

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Do the VB frogs repeatedly /sit on your corpse's face in triumph? In Auric Basin, does Balthazar and the Egg clutch's Chak Lobber laugh at you?  Do Tangled Depths Mushroom Royalty enjoy dancing on your grave? 

If you answered YES, have I got a solution for you!


First, acquire a full set of Minstrel's gear with double swords (for the self heals) and MAYBE a torch OH for extra CC, add 6 runes of the monk, Sigil of Accuracy on MH and Sigils of Earth on OH (the on crit condi triggers carapace stacks for extra toughness), and Relic of Dagda (more cc for Fleshy).  Let's face it, your gold was burning a hole in your pocket anyways.  

Second, the build: Soul Reaping 1-1-1, Death Magic 3-2-2, Scourge 1-3-3.  Abilities: Sand Flare, Serpent Siphon (for Aegis), Trail of Anguish (stab), Desiccate (boon corrupt, life force), Flesh Golem (cc and he does more damage than you).  


Third, box of Snicker bars.  You will be there a while.  You won't die, but you're not killing anything fast either.

Fourth, strut up to the HP like you just won the lottery and told your supervisor what you really think of him.  Start punching everything in the face and just roll your face on the keyboard.  Whatever is not on CD, push that button! Except maybe your Serpent Siphon and Trail of Anguish which you should hold back on just in case you need some Aegis or Stability.  And maybe hold off the Flesh Golem until you need the cc break, but otherwise...   KEYBOARD! FACE! ROLL! ROLL! ROLL!

Eventually someone squishy but with plenty of dps will come along and help you but until then, have a Snickers.

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Lord Hizen = PvE God mode.
Full celly and incredibly forgiving for some tweaks to fit your playstyle better, but stick to the crux of the build and you can solo Hot & PoF hps while watching Netflix on your second screen.
Seriously, I don't even know why anyone would run any other build in PvE; it's Cel survivability.

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