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FA Weaver Outnumbered Roaming

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I run 3 main variations on FA Weaver, but they're all off meta and just what I enjoy more.

My current favourite set up is this:


Fire instead of Arcane adds a lot more cleanse, which I like in the current meta, as well as a nice additional burst. It is at the expense of boons from the arcane traitline though, so it is glassier. I will often swap Arcane Shield for Glyph of Elemental Power or Signet of Air if I want more damage at the expense of a better defensive stunbreak.

If I fancy running offhand Dagger (which is fun, but I woulnt recommend if you want to tryhard in spvp/wvw), then I usually set up like this:


I sometimes run with Arcane instead of Fire and I'll usually run it like this:


Although I think I'd probably drop unravel now for Arcane Shield and maybe swap the heal to Arcane Brilliance. I generally swap heals between Ether Renewal and Glyph heal depending on what the matchup feels like. 

If you want a more "meta" det up for FA Weaver, I'd probably suggest something like this:


You could swap Signet of Air to Lightning Flash if you want the mobility. 

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5 minutes ago, Santo.2419 said:

@Exzen.2976 Think the spear is going to be a contender to the ol' scepter + Focus/dagger?

I'll definitely be trying it. If I can make it work for roaming I'll probably switch to spear - the animations are gorgeous and 1200 range <3. I'm a little unsure of whether or not fresh air makes sense on the kit since dual attacks can reset primary attunements and unravel is kinda useless because of that too. Will see how it feels in the beta!

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Man, how do you survive against Willbenders ? Even low HP they can't stop spamming stab and protection and heal, and shadow steps, and full burst, worst nightmare.
Otherwise insane gameplay, you have huge balls to engage 1v2~3 with squishy elem.

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Posted (edited)

If I see the wb coming I'm usually able to beat them. Utilising defensives early on is usually a good shout, since most will just port in, button mash and drop all their stuff immediately. Once you've survived the initial burst you can usually counter burst them. I usually kite and watch closely for when their stab drops. Most are squishy enough to get one shot. 

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