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Rifts take longer to close

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I'm not sure when exactly, but recently rifts started to close a lot slower.

It now ticks about 3% per second to close a rift... solo. Which is 30 seconds of channeling.

T1 rift, solo.

Killing the boss takes about 10-15 seconds, in comparison.

It used to take 5-10 sec max to close a rift a few weeks ago.

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I've not noticed any change, but from the start, closing rifts on non level 80 maps takes longer.  So if you are doing the weekly rifts, for this week, timberline falls have it take longer to close the rifts.

I suspect this is due to the level scaling - your character does less damage on lower level maps, but I suspect the rifts HP were not reduced properly for non level 80 maps.


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