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Frostfang Clan

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Direction Of Our Guild:
  We may be new. Me may also be very small in numbers. It's the attempt to create something
from nothing. Then gradually work the guild from its own foundation. By producing a clan of a
open world structure for the entire world map. And this clan being nothing but the Norn race
from GW2. A race of towering  hunters who have  exsperienced a great defeat when the great
ice dragon drove them from their glacial homeland.

 Now, with the base of the guild set. It's attention will not go from the open world map of the
world of Tyria. But also exstend its grasps on the area of PvP and WvW. For anybody who is into
competition of any sort. If you are not into that. We'll be open for Raids and Strikes as well. Where
as well to keep interested. The path of Dungeons and Fractal guild runs. Well, pretty much guild runs
or most of this.

Guild Requirements:
 I know that I am asking for a lot. When it comes to those who would like to join my clan. And that
the following request of requirements is to benefit the clan. Not as the individual. And that those of
which decide to join. Realize that we are to work as a clan. Together as a clan.

Requirement #1 - This clan is ONLY looking for players who are online always playing GW2 four days or
longer. Or those who have no life. Or work at home. These are the type of players we seek to join. These are
the ones I also seek to help me keep the clan as active as possible on a each day to day basis.

Requirement #2 - That every toon played in the clan is to be a Norn. For this guild WILL BE based upon
the Norn history and their lore that goes with it. According to the
Old Norse path. Witch is very simuliar
to the Norn folk lore. I would like to try to keep it in that path.


My Last Words Of Encouragement:

 I know what you see isn't really much to go by. It may not be to be your own liking. It's a clan I hope to
bring to life. And without members. Or players who just pass this up. Or just dislike guilds that have very
little members. To literally no members. We stand no chance. Reason why i seek you're help.

 If there are anybody here that would be interested in joining. Or have some questions. Instead of asking me
the direction of where the guild will go. I really don't know.I'm not too great with the words. And my skills at
any kind of recruiting may be shotty at best. The point is that I am trying.

 This guild is a casual PvX style clan. Base of the guild is a clan for the norn race. D9o we welcome new players.
Of course. If they are interested in joining. We're also looking for vetarn players who been on a lot as well. We
don't turn anybody away. Just as long as they meet our requirements.

  I am sorry if this seems pathetic. Or that this seems all messed up. If anybody wishes to join. PM me in GW2.
Or send me mail in game: Or, feel free to DM me in discord.
Discord - Legacy.8902
GW2 IGN - Legacy.8902

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