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Fractal lonely tower

Do you like the new Fractal?  

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    • If they nerf the hp on boss so it dies faster it might be worth it

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Do you remember when fractals were supposed to be quick alternatives to dungeons?


That the last few Fractals have just been 5-man Strikes is honestly annoying.

on daily rotation 9/10 in lfg have (-100) in it that playerbase simple just skip it ? https://imgur.com/a/EUuMN4o







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I like it more now T1 has more reasonable health. It's still overtuned, but not as offputting as it once was. I think the thing I like least is how they treated Deimos and the other demon as almost minions. I'd have preferred a scaled down Eparch fight and a boost to their mechanics

It's still better than Silent Surf by a country mile though

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If they fix the bugs, reduce the pull on the spinning well attack so we can actually run from it (sometimes it completely overwhelms you no matter how hard you run), and lower his HP, it could be a good fight. I'd suggest having him cover the ground with one of the two AOEs either the one that splits the ground or the spiral pools. This fractal needs a rework, and devs should seriously stop overwhelming players with too many mechanics. Instead, use fewer mechanics but make them more punishing if not met. Throwing 4-5 overlapping mechanics at players makes it nearly impossible for casual players or CM players to beat it without exploiting bugs.

The saddest part is that this fractal has huge potential if delivered properly without overwhelming mechanics and punishing damage from the bosses. SOTO boss design/damage is an example of what devs should avoid.

Umbriel - Terrible design on mechanics, especially for such a huge "public instance." It's beatable but frustrating because you don't know when the axes or the boss have targeted you, and there are almost no warnings for the axes moving.

Hell Sister - Another bad design. She kills you randomly 80% of the time, even if you avoid her eye, blast attack, and AOEs. She needs clearer warnings for her attacks and teleports. And seriously, with what does she kill you randomly out of nowhere? When you are not facing her, looking at her or when she teleports at you? I would seriously like someone to let me know what exactly kills you, preferrable a dev comment cuz a lot of players haven't figured that one out yet.

Eparch - Manageable now, but those AOE tsunami waves need to be more spread out. As a healer, I can manage, but as a DPS, it's nearly impossible. Stop overlapping massive AOEs in boss fights. Either reduce the attack power of one or balance both to medium damage.

Cereus - Fine, except for being too hard on CM. There needs to be a middle ground between NM and LCM. Current CM feels like LCM with slightly less HP and damage. Bosses shouldn't be about huge HP pools and high damage but about challenging mechanics without overwhelming the player. Casual players can handle 2-3 mechanics, and those who enjoy challenges can manage 3-4 for sure, and the 4th one should be either manageable solo with plenty of time to react to it or with the help of your party members.

Dreadwing - Love him. He has a good balance of damage and mechanics. His fire attack could have less coverage during the meta, but overall, he's a good example of a well-designed boss. He does high damage, not enormous damage, and has punishing mechanics if not met, making the fight enjoyable.

Champions for rifts T2 and T3 are good challenging content for groups and properly punishing if you don't have at least one more skilled player with you.


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T4 is not fun. I've been trying to do it every time it appears as a daily. It's the most frustrating experience for a strike fractal mission I've ever had. Silent Surf was almost the same. 
I really hope the development doesn't go towards more striking missions as fractals. 
That would suck to the point I have to quit doing them.

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