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3 minutes ago, Chiral.8915 said:

Necro Spear 5.....extirpate....boon denial 😍 Not strip, not convert....you can't put a boon on that person until all the stacks are consumed. 

First thoughts are not good ones. So classes lost options in the boon to anti-boon divide so that they could move them to an expansion feature. Will have to watch the video but first thoughts are half empty on hearing that.

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3 hours ago, Arianth Moonlight.6453 said:

good luck landing that before getting nuked in .00003 seconds. Maybe for 1-on-1, implying you're fighting a static golem... 😐

just a weapon to be included on a necro/reaper  rotation on zerg nothing more.

/me evil thinking... so tags now will stop gaining boons  when spikd with that????  >:)  time to start commander spiking!!!!! 


Edit: actually doubt it will ever work well Anet as setted the spam boon to the point that this kind of skills endend just being noteciable when used by 20-30 players at the same time.

Edited by Aeolus.3615
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