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Spear skill name suggestions and some initial thoughts


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Let me share my confusion (there isn't any of that on these skills sadly) with the name choices of some skills. I also have some suggestions on adding some mechanical depth to some skills but I will save most of my thoughts after I no life the beta. 


  • Puncturing Jab / Rending Strike / Amplifying Slice
    • Change to: Galvanic Split ->Voltage Shock-> Amplifying Splice

Add a bit of electrical naming to the Auto chain. 

  • Conduit Surge
    • No name changes

It be interesting to see an additional delay explosion effect behind the user (or a similar effect to Willbender flames) if the skill triggers its leap finisher. The entire kit doesn't have a built-in field so it would encourage Kit swapping or Toolbelt shenanigans to get full value. 

  • Lightning Rod / Electric Artillery
    • Change to: Inductor Coil / Induction Artillery

We already have Lightning Rod on Elementalist and the skill here is more akin to a swinging a stun-baton then a concentrating charge.

  • Rolling Skies 
    • Change to: Grounding Wire

Sounds like, and visually appears to be a Weaver Earth/Air attack. Makes much more sense if the weapon is themed after shoving electrical equipment into the ground. 

A blast finisher should trigger if it strikes a Focused Target, just to give a bit more reward for landing that one second cast time on a focused target. 

  • Devastator / Focused Devastation
    • Change to: Arc Furnace / Arc Welder

Arc Furnaces uses electrical charges to melt metal together and considering this entire kit is focused on burning electrical attacks it makes much more sense then a skill that sounds like it was ripped from Reverent. Like wise an arc welder / welding is a similar form to the furnace.

It might be wise to split the damage into two packets. with one initial burning slam, and a secondary shock after a brief delay. This stops any serious one shot attempts but also gives some additional play if targets were to dodge the initial strike.


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