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[nine] guild scepter catalyst "perma" buffs

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We ecountered 3 scepter catalysts (fight one and three at different time) from [nine] guild wandering at the keep door. they are "perma" with 1min swiftness, 20s quickness and protection(refreshing), and they are barely killable. Is Scepter catalyst normally work like this? I'm curious because I'm so kitten at elementalist.

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I think I've seen that guy you're talking about. He's a good player, playing on a pretty bonkers FA Cata build, probably full power but also sprinkling in some cele accessories if I had to guess (because it doesn't really make a difference on Ele [that specific build] whether you are full mara or if you have some cele rings, for example, for those extra stats)

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7 hours ago, Junkpile.7439 said:

Can't be that good player if he need to play elite spec.

What if he's the other type of good player who'd rather play with every single meta build effectively ,and have fun with winning, instead of playing cheese off-meta 1 trick pony builds? 

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