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Warrior Spear looks Boring


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There's not enough spice on this weapon. It needs more zest, burns or bleeds. Even just visually it's underwhelming. Meanwhile ele looks like The Avatar in the final battle with Ozai with how cool the visuals are.

What are the level 2 and 3 bursts? Cuz  I'm guessing they're just gonna be doing more damage which is underwhelming and lazy. They should have the warrior quickly flinging an additional shot per bar of adrenaline. This would let a level three burst have slightly more evade as well.

There's not enough stuff going on with this weapon. Also the adrenaline uptime better not be a pain to charge up. Can condi's be added so you could do a condi variant as well? 

This weapon gives me too many rifle vibes and that's not necessarily a good thing. It clearly needs more work.

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