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Make Condi Spellbreaker a thing with this single trait


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Some genius name idk

- Inflict torment upon disabling a foe. Any traits triggered by crowd-control effects also applies torment.

I'm cooking up some busted trait here, will likely take a GM slot. The idea is that you initially inflict at least two stacks of torment (from the trait itself and Attacker's Insight), but it will also increase in stack as you take other cc traits. This means if you run say, Strength and Arms alongside Spellbreaker, and you take Body Blow, Aggressive Onslaught, Opportunist, you will now inflict 5 stacks of torment per cc, and since Warrior has a lot of cc, imagine how much damage you can inflict by essentially stun-locking your opponents.

This fits the idea of a bruiser build, as well as following the trend that condition builds tend to have more defenses available to them, while incentivising players to well, use cc.

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