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Obsidian Sanctum Guild Mission rewards STILL bugged.... please fix?

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We typically avoid this Guild Mission just because of this bug, but tonight we decided to give it a go.. Sadly it again only rewarded 1-2 people for the completion of the puzzle. Restarting it several times takes the **** honestly. Not only is there a ridiculously long CD of nearly 3 minutes before it can be restarted, each time only 1-2 people get it anyway. Sometimes nobody gets the personal reward. In a squad with 9 people that's a LOT of time wasted. We finished the puzzle at 21:48, the last person got their reward at 22:13.. Everyone has to agree that this is a ridiculous amount of time to spend restarting the same Guild Mission just so everyone that actively participates gets rewarded? This has been bugged for as long as I can remember and it really needs a fix. Even if you're not focusing on Guild Missions or adding anything to them, at the very least fix the issues with the current ones.


Other things you could look at is the WPs for the Guild Puzzles. They used to become available when the Guild activated that Guild Mission... Since the missions became instanced this for some reason no longer happens. Either remove them as they no longer serve a purpose, or make the Guild Hall Portal take us to the specific WPs (even if it's only when the mission is active) even if they're "unusable" otherwise.. 

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I was there and to me it felt like a very nice little community event. We got some time to get to know eachother and having a shared grudge against this jumping puzzle and complaining about it together was really a great way to enhance our bond as guildmates... :D

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