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GW2 launcher installing windows keyboard layout

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Greetings one and all.

Recently I discovered that the GW2-launcher ALWAYS installs the US language and US QWERTY keyboard configuration.
Why is this needed? I am using a physical AZERTY keyboard and the Dutch Language.

The reason I'm posting this is because it is causing issues in some other games that then default to the QWERTY keyboard which is not corresponding to the reality of my keyboard.

If anyone knows why a US Qwerty must be installed on my machine or how to prevent this from installing I would be gratefull.



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Guild Wars isn't the only game that does this, yes it's annoying, you basically have to Alt + Shift every now and again to go for your preferred keyboard.

You can try uninstalling the keyboard but it always finds its way back there, short of a macro to deal away with it on set intervals, you might as well just get used to it.

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