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Best wvw zerg/gvg build for ranger?

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Roaming some sic em soulbeat and zergs some support / heal druid.

there are also stealth condi druid shenanigans.

you find all the builds with explanations at metabattle, guildjen, hardstuck… yeah. 

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10 hours ago, kappa.2036 said:

Hello everyone, 

What are the best options for ranger in a gvg/zerg scenario? 

Can you also link the build / video usage? 

Thanks in advance! 😄

Either heal or DPS . Heal is druid spec , check mettabatle for support build.




Videos above are for just example reference , builds varry

SOulbeat/untamed both work , I've tried gs/hammer/maces on both

they are not the Most effective at high enemy numbers , up to 20-30ish, after that expect struggle



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What @MysteryDude.1572 wrote.

Heal support druid is common and will get you in any group.

Untamed is niche but is ran in some groups. But prepare to get comments or put in 'useless' party, its far from widespread or even known to many. Anyway gvg guilds require you to run their comp and specs so if they run it they will provide their build.

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