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GUI: Mesmer weapon skills missing from hero panel (Weaponmaster Training)

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CORE + SotO only (no other expansions or LW on acct). This is a "Heroic Edition" alt acct I bought way back in 2015 and never upgraded it. Now that I have, I appear to have found a GUI bug due to a probably-unanticipated release combination. Thing is, this kind of acct probably shouldn't be unexpected if the idea is to sell the new expansions as basically a "reboot" after concluding the dragon cycle (Core/F2P player buys SotO/JW without the earlier xpacks). Such characters would always be Core with respect to skills and spec lines, but with the Weaponmastery allowing for a kind of "Core-Plus" enlarged armory.

Mesmer > Hero panel > Build tab > Weapon Skills sub-tab.

After getting Weaponmaster Training from Frode, all e-spec weapons can be equipped (Shield, Axe, Dagger) on this Core character but only the Dagger skills appear listed in the hero panel.


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