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Invisible Walls

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I thought this was a thing of the past, besides the walls around the outside of the maps there should not be invisible walls.  I'm flying around the Isle of Reflection Guild hall, and am hitting a

invisible wall in the middle of the map, WHY!!!, What is the point of having flying mounts when you restrict access to that area, I'm mean it's not Area 51???? and areas that don't have a JP or hero challenges just an open map so tell me


This new xpact better be good, that last tragedy you produced was garbage, maybe you got a new story teller and everything will be fine, but we will see.

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Its in alot of openworld games really, some hide it better then others. Its merely there to give the illusion that its a larger world then it really is.

It serves its primary purpose as intended; To be a GH and for member to gather. Everything it provides above that is extra stuff/bonus really.

Ofcourse they could have gone with the whole "incapsulated in a canyon/mountain thing that makes you think:

"Ah yes, i am surrounded by high mountains and canopy trees, makes sense i cant go beyond that ".

Other people would then in turn complain its not coherent/in sync with the open area/island  vibe/design of the other EoD maps .

At the end of the day its a videogame, there is bound to be stuff that feels like immersion breaking, but you shouldnt let that spoil your overal experience/fun with the game.

Otherwise alot of games are really gonna feel like a real disappointment.

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