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Bring back Bladesworn trait Daring Dragon as it was on release

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I cant be and know I'm not the only one who thinks this, but daring dragon on launch of End of dragons was one of the coolest things end of dragons gave is, it felt great to use it wasn't what was wrong with Bladesworn on release, it was what made the trait/spec super unique and made it , most importantly fun! I personally think that bringing it back wouldn't cause any issues with how warrior currently is and would just bring back some of what I loved about bladesworn. I dont have much else to say about it besides bring it back, it wasn't op you already nerfed the op stuff on bladesworn so I think they can get their most fun mechanic back thanks!

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Slow Counter is the best place for it. Make it proc on FC and on Bursts, no ICD, with a decent base duration.


Tether could become a base mechanic of Full Counter. Guard Counter causes tether to pulse protection in an AoE, Slow Counter causes it to pulse alacrity, and Magebane causes it to pulse might, Revenge Counter Causes it to pulse resistance. Magebane would cause bursts to also apply the tether and not just FC.

I could see that working. Functionally syphoning off the magic power of the target via the tether to make yourself and your allies stronger. It's in theme with the W/Me thing they have going on with Spellbreaker.

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2 hours ago, Fueki.4753 said:

Just be careful to not touch Pure Strike, Sun and Moon Style and Revenge Counter when shoehorning Alacrity into Spellbreaker.

Alac would need to compete with a dps trait anyway. Like heat the soul does. 

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