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Bug Luxon Hunter's weapons / Tools of the Luxon Hunters achieve / Special Ops Collection impossible

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Hello everyone!

I have a big problem with some achieves / collections and post it here now .. Maybe someone of the mods can help me or other gamers 🙂 

This post I made in the german forum !! 8 months !! ago and the support couldnt help me after some tickets ,  and i send some bug reports ingame but nothing happens and its still not fixed. 

I cant finish achieves, collections also like Special OPS .. 

I have a problem with the achievement described above! I had a longer break from GW2 and when I came back I used all my guaranteed unlocks for armor, weapons and wardrobes from the Black Lion chests. So I unlocked all the  weapon skins of the Luxon Hunter weapons achieve. After that I bought the End of Dragons add-on and I saw the achievement above, but I only got unlocked 2 weapons there, even though I already have all the skins. I bought boxes in the TP and put the weapons on and equipped them , salvaged them, throwed them into the mystic forge on different characters and even recycled them and tried all ( in my opinion ) but nothing happened. Over 8 months ist more then frustrating. 

I also lost a lot of Gold and time ( farming chests Gyala ) because i bought new weapon chest more then enough and tried to unlock them after patches but nothing.



In picture 1 you can already see 6 unlocked Luxon weapons --> I have unlocked all of them! In picture 2 you can see, for example, that the dagger has a dark grey skin unlock and not white = unlocked Picture 3 is a screenshot of GW2 Efficiency where the dagger is also unlocked In picture 4 the dagger collectible is white, so basically not unlocked, but as you can see in picture 2 it is unlocked Picture 5 is the achievement Tools of the Luxon Hunters, but I have only unlocked 2 and not the dagger, for example All skins are unlocked but only 2 are displayed and counted... So of course I can't get any further with the achievements Simple Special Commando Course 2, 3 and Special Commando Armor Collection.






Sorry that the pictures are in German but i think you can figure it out.

CAN pls someone help me with that big bug and contact me and fix it finally after over 8 month ?

Thank you in advance 😞 !



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If you have just unlocked the Skin, that may not count for the collection which asks for the actual weapons found in https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Luxon_Hunter's_Weapon_Cache


Collections related to the Special Ops armor require at least a certain number of Luxon Hunter's weapons to have been unlocked.


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Hey Inculpatus cedo.9234 !

Thank you very much for the answer and your help 🙂 !!

Like i tried to describe I unlocked all the skins via guaranteed wardrobes

I have some coffers and weapons like you can see in the second ?! picture in the inventory and i have all weapons in my bank account ( bought the chest and picked all the missing weapons).

I equipt them with different chars, salvaged the weapons , put them into the mystic forge but nothing happend. I still only have 2 weapons unlocked.

I think i tried all but maybe someone got an idea what i can also do / try.

I think the problem is , that i unlocked the Skins before i had the EOD Addon. Maybe there is something broken

I really dont know what to do ... 





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Yeah i send some bug reports Ingame and spoke with the German Support.

They are friendly but the only thing they said was it will take time to fix such bugs. Also they told me to buy / farm chests and try it again .. I did all what they say but im really not sure if someone is working on that problem. I talked to them over 8 months and I asked every month for the status and something like that.

But the only answer i got is it will take time.. So I think nothing will happen .. I said please let an engineer contact me or i will give him my account that he can see/test it but nothing happens.


Its really frustrating when you spend so much time and some money into that and "nothing" worked / happens or they cant/Wont help me because of different things ..

My hope a moderator here will contact me and send it directly to an game engineer.. 

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