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Jormag back legs?

Lord Korag.8439

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Based on this model render I just wonder if Jormag was intended to have back legs or a long snake-like tail and just the front paws?
There are also some concept arts with the wings, however I consider those to be scrapped and therefore I don´t really thing Jormag was intended to be able to fly in the end.

Of course this is all just a speculation based on the official concepts. However, they seem to be named after the Norse world serpent, so the snake appearance only with hands added it is, I guess.

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While it's clear that model was straight up unfinished, if you look at the hip / waist area of the model, there are some awkward lumps. These lumps wouldn't exist on a snake-like body, even one with a more humanoid top (see literally every krait and forgotten), which implies that the modeler was fully intending for Jormag to have hind legs of some degree, but hadn't gotten to it - or was debating between the two, and might have flattened it out later down the line if Jormag got a full body model.

On the topic of concept art - while there are art of Jormag with wings (most, in fact), there are concept art of Jormag with hind legs and the opening cinematic for norn has Jormag stomping which while certainly doable with the forearms, the animation and shape of Jormag's silhouette implies walking not crawling. Though that was back in 2010, so the concept art by Zhengyi Wang held no real sway over it.

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