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Eparch boss, skyscale bug/exploit attempt ?

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I don't know if Arena know it, but seems that you can use your skyscale in emergency at Eparch boss fight.

I have see players using their skyscale (and it's not the first time) and i can confirm that you can use emergency skysale there.

Since the boss need some coordination and at least a full squad playing, this bug/exploit isn't nice for the team working effort.

For the team effort, would be nice if arena could resolve this.

PS : was doing it only for special astral reward since i have finished all t1/t2 armor etc etc

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I think this is intentional. It is, after all a combat launch ability on the skyscale.

Most of the time I use this simply if when the game doesn't want to let me out of combat, but you should realize, that being a combat launch, it can be used to get you out of a bad situation in a pinch. It is instant cast (can be used while knocked down and not susceptible to interrupts) and allows you to get on your mount, which is immune to cc effects, and covers your hp bar with it's own. In that way, if you get slammed into the ground in the open world you can use it to prevent downstate, or otherwise alleviate heavy CC or damaging conditions.

What I have also noticed that when using this launch, your character seems to recover health, like it is out of combat, even if the skyscale launch doesn't move you away enough from the battle to actually put you out of combat. This might be intentional too but I don't know.

In other words, the combat launch is a way to help players who realized they are in a terrible spot, and need to reposition, or flee. In the eparch fight for example, you can use it to reposition to a cleansing well, and then to a buff mote, so that you can ensure you are fully buffed. Walking around the area is much slower and the skyscale can greatly reduce any downtime from repositioning. This is very useful for people trying to manage the portals, so that they can re-buff and return in a pinch when there is time pressure with portals constantly opening. It can also be used to prevent downstate if some of the mechanics converge on top of you. Downstate is a big loss of player effectiveness, and can also cause a massive amount of downtime in cases of defeat and needing to run back. The skyscale combat launch, in addition to the jade bot revive, are tools to help players get out of bad situations. They have a cooldown so they aren't always available, but give the player a few chances to avoid running back.

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Posted (edited)

I'm not speaking about the mastery emergency (combat launch for people who don't remember the name)  that we use in the opern world...... I know what is it, how to use it to save us from a bad situation. Tk's.

I'm speaking about the eparch fight when you can see clearly that they decided to block the ability to use a mount while doing pre escort and at fight.
You can't normally use a mount and use your emergency skysale there.
But there is a bug/exploit that you can do there (and i will not say how), and some instead of saving themself are just go up in the air and spamming fireball instead of fighting in a fight where we need people to be active. Until right now, i have see 3 players using this things to just fireball eparch at the fight. 

Well i have report the things, now it's in the hand of arena.

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