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Can't hide boots with new swimsuit?

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Hello all, I was just about to buy the new swimsuit pack but then it hit me that I can't hide my shoes for whatever reason in this game and didn't go through with it. Is there actually a way to do so or not?


Edit: Just saw another post on the forum talking about some ridiculously priced item used to hide them. Guess I'm not spending money on this skin.

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The barefoot skin was released years ago.  I feel a bit sorry for the folks who unlisted theirs on the trading post in order to list it again at double the price.  They just threw away money on two listing fees.  If someone does buy at the inflated price, I understand, fashion is a cruel mistress. I doubt many will sell at those prices though.

I will make due with my sandal skins.

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There is no check box to hide shoes. Supposedly the invisible boots were created because someone at Anet kept asking for one and kept being turned down so one of the people who create armour skins made the invisible boots as a work-around and because items go through a different approval process to UI changes that did get approved. Unfortunately they're an extremely rare drop and, as a result, one of the most expensive items on the Trading Post.

The simplest alternative is to remove your shoes. That has the obvious downside that you're not wearing a full set of armour so you'll have lower stats, no 6th rune effect and no infusion effect. But a lot of the time that may not be a problem, especially in open world maps as long as you're not wearing under-levelled equipment you can get away with missing a piece.

There are also a few alternative skins which are fairly minimal. Some characters (especially charr and sylvari) can also 'hide' parts of close-fitting skins by dying them to match their skin colour.

Firstly there's at least 3 pairs of sandals two of which are in-game items instead of gem store ones: the Beach Sandals from the Tropical Beach Pack, the Sanctified Boots and Raven Ceremonial Sandals.

Various minimal footwear which might work depending on character and situation:

  • Martial Artists Footwraps which are just cloth wrapped around the feet and on some characters could maybe be dyed to be almost unnoticable.
  • Monastery Shoes - Especially good for heavy and medium armour since they're one of the few which aren't boots. They look similar to water shoes.
  • There's also the Stylish Shoes which are high heels so totally inappropriate as beach wear, but I'm including them because when I was going through the wardrobe I kept thinking they were sandals I hadn't noticed before.

Light armour only
There's a few more options for light armoured characters.
Elonian Shoes and Spearmarshal's Shoes are very minimal and open on the side, like the Monastery Shoes I think they look like water shoes.
Embroidered Sandals very similar to the Elonian Shoes but without the straps on the sides.
There's also the Tribal Walkers. They have undyable white paint on the feet which some people don't like, but other than that they're just leg bands.

Finally for light armoured female sylvari only there's the Orchid Boots which are just vines wrapped around the legs.

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It doesn't seem to be a big ask to unequip your boots for your RP/fashion needs and equip them when you are going for combat either. You have at least 2 armor templates as well for quick switching.

Either way, with the sheer amount of combat effects in this game, the minimalist shoes listed above might as well be invisible in combat. The beach sandal is hardly noticeable.

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Invisible boots, shoes and stompers. Has been a part of game since Heart of Thornes. You've had like 9-10 years or so to obtain a pair. Live with Sandals or walk around with cloths I guess or even better go play content for fashion and enjoy.

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