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June 25th patch feedback

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Pure Gold:

  • Heightened Focus - basically Berserker's Power for healers - awesome addition.
  • Banners of Defense and Tactics faster casts - feels good man, finally they're reactive!
  • Restorative Strength - resistance is a really great addition making it now truly competitive with it's adept tier counterparts.
  • Stance cooldown Reductions - all stances affected (save Berserker's) got a lot more practical with this.


  • Shrug it Off - 25s icd on something that is already gated by another cooldown (healing skill) is bad design.
    No Warrior should be fighting with a stopwatch in hand trying to predict if it's ok now to use healing skill for a proc or still too early..

    The stunbreak is already removed so that's not the reason anymore.
    So Combat Stimulant is left as the only big culprit. If so, just place 10s icd on the passive cast.
    That will prevent spamming it and stay perfectly healthy for any other heal and relics that trigger on healing skill use.
    And if cleansing potency seems too much just nerf that. You certainly did in spvp..
  • Berserker Stance - still garbage without a proper rework.
    Restorative Strength offers more resistance without costing an utility slot.
    Signet of Fury pumps more adrenaline on shorter cd and has way more utility.
  • Signet of Fury - speak of the devil..
    With Signet of Stamina change every single utility Signet is an instant cast that does not interrupt other casts on Warrior.
    Except this one. Allegedly instant cast of this one still interrupts your other skills. When will this be fixed?

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I would give feedback but I simply don't have any. 

Most changes are just filler and serve no purpose.

Yes, Qheal Warrior is buffed. Which is nice. 

I just get to never play it as the Aheal / Qdps combo is way to prevalent. 


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