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Beach suggestions

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Now that the TRUE end game is here,  pls let us know where you find nice beaches in gw2.

Southsun cove, Grothmar Valley - near a waterfall  and the A Thousand Seas Pavilion are 3. Do you know any other nice places?

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It depends on what you consider a nice beach. I've had this problem in real life - my standards for a 'good beach' are a place where the sea (or at least a lake) meets the land and even at high tide there's a stretch of sand and/or pebbles before the vegetation starts, preferably with relatively few people around and some interesting rock pools nearby. My mother-in-law's standards for a 'good beach' are a very wide, relatively flat and firm stretch of sand (not pebbles) adjacent to a large but inexpensive carpark, clean and well maintained toilets, at least one cafe or resturant and preferably a gift shop selling fridge magnets with the name of the beach and/or nearby town on them. (The observant among you will notice that proximity to the sea is not a requirement in that second list, apparently it is possible to find "beaches" usually at inland tourist traps, without any water and apparently some people like that.)

But assuming you mean somewhere your character would believably go to relax, relatively peaceful and few/no monsters and some nice scenery there's a lot of options.

There's a few in Lion's Arch, including one opposite the lighthouse where a group of NPCs are having a party round a bonfire. Mabon Market in Caledon Forest is nice, and I think the only event there is mini creatures running loose which aren't agressive until they're attacked. The area around Amnoon is nice, and obviously the Olmakhan village on Sandswept Isles.

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