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Power weapon of choice

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Going to try and muck around with raid power tempest build tonight whilst we wait for people with actual skills to come up with the meta build. 

What's going to be the main hand of choice, is it still sword or have the sceptre buffs knocked it off the top spot?


I'm presuming we're still going to be tooting that horn for our off hand?



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I think for power dps tempest staff is not bad right now.

Seems people were getting about 44k dps on staff fresh air tempest. 

Sword might still be better if you can use it properly (not interrupting auto chains, etc), but I think weapons with quick casts (sword, scepter) tend to benefit weaver more, as you don't have to use a bunch of fillers to wait for overloads to be ready. While staff you can cast meteor shower, swap to air, and by the end of the cast you are ready to overload.

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I think it all depends if you want to stick fully melee or not, if you need range, if boss moves etc.

Scepter/Warhorn. It has some "satisfaction" to perfectly master the rotation, but it's not that easy. You have a lot of skills to queue without intteruption by spamming F3.
And Water trident got a buff, AA on air got a buff, it's clearly viable.
But THEY DIDN'T BUFF SHATTERSTONE WTF !???????????????????????

Sword has still more DPS it seems.
Rotation is simpler.  You're melee 120 range. At your own risk.

Hammer has big advantages too : big DPS on every #2 (but long cast-time, but you can switch back to air while casting), +15% precision (no need for assassin gear, signet of fire, sigil of accuracy etc) +10% strike damage etc, nice sustain. But AA and most of others skills have kitten DPS. May be  the buffs and only #2 could be worth taking hammer with fresh air overload. Yet if boss moves, air #2 sucks, big time.
 I only tried it for fun, and not with Fire traitline, so can't tell what could be the best rotation, nor the DPS.

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