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Side Story: Garments of Misfortune. (If the Bikini was the final reward of a special questline...)

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Southsun Sales man: Ah Commander, you are here for the limited edition Bikini?


Commander: Yes, i gotta have it! How much?


Southsun Sales man: Eh, you were a little late. that Gentleman over there already purchased it...


Commander: Evon?


Evon Gnashblade: Commander! Fancy seeing you here.


Commander: You.... bought that bikini?


Evon Gnashblade:  Yeah! ... What ... Whats with that look!? It not like i'm gonna wear them. Its an investment! Good grief! Sometimes i really wonder what goes on inside that pretty little head of yours.

Anyway; this baby will sell for double the gold after a year. 


Commander: I see... well, enjoy.


Evon Gnashblade: Hold on just a moment there Commander.   Clearly; for some inexplicable reason you reallllly want this bikini.

Not judging... just saying i know a good business opportunity when i see one.

Enlisting the help of the famous Commander himself  is much more valuable then waiting for a piece of cloth to increase in value.


Commander: Go on...


Evon Gnashblade: I have some loose ends on some things... if you resolve those for me, you can have the Bikini.


Commander: What kind of "loose ends"?


Evon Gnashblade: Ah nothing you can't handle. It will be a breeze:


*After some extremely annoying tasks...*


Commander: pfff! ok, i did your chores. Now hand over the Bikini!


Evon Gnashblade: Yeah... about that; while you were solving my loose ends; a Crab kinda ran off with it.


Commander: What....


Evon Gnashblade: Hey, I'm a businessman, not a fighter.


Commander: That... doesn't even make sense. How can a crab...


Evon Gnashblade: Hey! It was a REALLY big crab ok!? Like; that thing was HUGE.


Commander:OK! Ok..., where did it run off to....?


Evon Gnashblade: Eh i believe it went up North... Goodluck catching up to that blasted thing; it seemed to be in a real hurry.


*walking up North a NPC beckons the commander*


Southsun Villager: Hey! Hey you! Have you seen it?


Commander: Seen what.


Southsun Villager: My Pet Crab Jimmy, It always just runs off to who knows where.


Commander: I see... it must be the same one...


Southsun Villager: ?


Commander: So where was your Pet Crab last seen.


Southsun Villager: No no, it doesn't work like that. Jimmy has to come to you.


Commander: Ok... and how do we do that?


Southsun Villager: It has a favorite snack, but my back is killing me atm. Perhaps tomorrow...


Commander: Just... tell me what you need and i will get it....


Southsun Villager: eh....are you sure about that.... its not exactly easy to obtain.


Commander: Dont worry, i am used to "not exactly easy".


Southsun Villager: Ok then. So there is this type of tiny wurms...


Commander: uhu...


Southsun Villager: ...that make their home at the end of the Skipping Stones...


Commander: . . . . .


Southsun Villager:  gather a few fresh ones, comeback to me, we chop em up, and Jimmy will be homing in on us in no time. It cant resist the stench.

*after doing the JP*


Commander: Here... your wurms. This better work, old man.


Southsun Villager: Any moment now... Ah! there it is. JIMMY!


Commander: uh... is THAT Jimmy?

*Looks at an extremely tiny crab*


Southsun Villager: Thaaats Jimmy!....


Commander: Its not the same crab that took the Bikini... There is no way this tiny thing could have taken it.... *facepalm*


Southsun Villager: Bikini? Oh i did see a Bikini.


Commander: Wait! you have? In wich direction did that Crab run off to?


Southsun Villager: Hm... no. I am pretty sure it was a Karka, and it went that a way. *points*


Commander: *Dang it Evon, atleast know the difference between a crab and a Karka... Sheeeesh!*

*sigh* I am really starting to wonder if this is really worth the trouble...

*commander eventually finds a big nest and the Bikini stuck.*


Commander: Ok, if i just...

* Karka start to spawn*


Commander: How did it even....

*each time the commander pulls more Karka spawn*


Commander: cmon! you stupid piece of... almost.

*final pull spawns a Karka Champion*


Commander: you gotta be kidding me....

*upon defeat the commander can extract*


Commander: *huff huff* finally *huff* i *huff* got the *huff*  blasted Bikini *huff huff*


Southsun Bikini Set obtained.


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