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A fix for Martial Cadence, Soldier's Comfort and Bladesworn.

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The Fix:

Remove healing from Soldier's Comfort and replace it with regeneration instead.
Remove condition cleanse from Martial Cadence and add it to Soldier's  Comfort.
You can make that cleanse focus damaging conditions first, to trigger Shrug it Off's heal easier.

Why do this?

Loss of Regeneration on staff in favor of straight up heal , leaves Warrior with no source of it outside Banner of Defense.
And that skill is a a panic button vs big burst, not a standard source of boon upkeep.
Support Bladesworns are not happy about this.

On the flip side, Soldier's Comfort ain't doing too well with it's heal, once you trait Martial Cadence.
Quickly you will notice that Discipline heavily affects it due to Fast Hands, taking it hostage.
Frequent (5s cd) casts with it, or back to back casts with major cooldown (12s) without it.
More than raw numbers, it's the ease of access and flexibility that gives Discipline such huge impact here.

But that is not the case with Soldier's Comfort second component -  the Protection boon.
Discipline or not - it stacks in duration and stays on your allies without creating large windows of vulnerability.
Same applies to  Regeneration, making the trait far less reliant on Discipline.

It would also solidify it's identity - a boon oriented trait (as are all things related to Soldier's Focus) that provides
a sustained layer of defense unlike shout oriented traits or staff that focus on burst healing.
If raw healing value is an issues (it'll be weaker than current iteration) you can add 20% regeneration effectiveness effect to MC.

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