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Good place to meet pvp players?

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Hey guys, coming back from a hiatus, I did quite a bit of PvP before and now I am wondering if anyone's willing to team up with me from time to time, last time I was doing PvP I was around gold rank,
I don't like reaching out to players in game to team up because I feel like if I perform like kitten it will drag them down and then they'll become toxic and leave. So if anyone with a more relaxed mindset who can calmly point out my mistakes in PvP wants to team up hit me up guys, or comment in here whatever you wish. Thought its not a bad place to meet some new people and have some fun in pvp.

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Well I don't want to team up, but I could give you some tips how to find people and how to minimize mistakes


Chill all the time in the free for all arena, you can train there with a lot of people (good, bad and sometimes gods). Connect with them or just fight them, than continue your ranked journey, get a rank and search for daily automated tournaments (at) groups with your rating. Convince the people in your at group to form a team and than team up and get better together.

Most platinum players will not just team up with you, especially since they know that everyone starts at gold 1. You need to prove yourself there. 

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Long time ago had a 3v3 pug match.

Went right down to the wire and our team narrowly won by a whisker.

Opposing team: Wow guys, what a great match. Congrats you guys were good.

Our team: Thanks guys! must say you guys were awesome and played extremely well; we just had a bit of luck at the end.

Result: Instant friendship and increase in friend list.

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