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Catmander squads don't persist on logout

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I noticed a weird inconsistency between the two supposedly functionally-identical commander tags. I had bought the catmander tag on my main (EU) account and the basic commander tag on my NA one, and was using them identically between the two accounts. When logging out of NA (regular commander), my squad was still active when I logged back in, including the squad message and the last LFG listing without me needing to retype it. When logging out and in of my EU account (catmander), with the same squad settings, my squad and any messages were gone when I logged back in.

I just bought the normal commander's compendium on my EU account as well, and now logging out and in keeps my squad settings there, too, so it does seem that the catmander tag specifically doesn't keep your settings like the basic commander tag does. Has anyone else noticed this? I did a search but hadn't seen it reported.

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