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World Veteran titles are boring.

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Didn't ANet say that they were going to make the titles reflective of the unique character of our original servers? I had assumed that would mean something like "For the Toast!" for TC, something that shows a little flavor and recognition of our former homes. (Insert Server Name) Veteran is just... cold and boring.

Am I wrong and I just read too much into the announcement? Or did ANet just realize that a lot of the servers didn't really have a specific identity and it became too much of a chore to make them? Or (most likely) did they just decide that whatever they picked would be controversial and just gave us flavorless gruel to stop the inevitable forum war?

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I would have really liked to have seen unique titles for each world, but it would have been hard to do every world justice, a lot of them would have been in the 'we had to give them something' vein, and some would have been doubtless so cool even random ppls who never played wvw would have wanted them. I'm happy with my vet title, and I'm betting I'll wear it on my main as long as I play the game : )

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I'm ok with Kaineng Veteran. It would just have caused too much problems trying to come up with something for each server that would be accepted. Some servers had a lot more visibility than others, and would have plenty of names that people would fight and argue over. While other servers might not even had much of any reputation at all.

Like what would Kaineng be? "Please, Bandwagon, don't see us this time!" ? The only other thing we where somewhat known for was being one of the servers spending the longest time in Tier8 ?

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