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[EU] Quidam Temere Verba [QTV] Raid static looking for one BoonDPS

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Hey there fellow raiders 👋
[QTV] Quidam Temere Verba

What are we looking for? 
Right now we are looking for one BoonDPS player.

When do we raid?
We don't have a set day we raid on, it varies every week, tho it's often mondays and wednesdays. 
We start at 19:30 CEST and are going for 3hrs.
We decide on 2 days a week together that we raid on. The second day is to clear a wing that we may not have done on the first day and cm trainings, role/class trainings. 

What's our requirements?
We expect good experience in W1-4 + 7, while we ask decent experience for W4 cms. Having some experience in W5+6 is prefered, but don't worry about it too much. 
A 75% attendance over a 4 week period.

What can you expect from us?
A friendly environment where you can learn and grow.
Experienced players that are always willing to help with whatever you need help with. 
Banter is always welcome in our ranks.

What's expected of you?
Show up on the times that we decide, that's basically our golden rule.  Have an open mind and willing to learn and improve. 
Be able to handle critique in a good manner, open communication is the key to success.
Just be a decent human being and have respect for others.

Right now we don't full clear on one day since we've had a few hick ups with people dropping out due to rl issues. We clear some CMs but not all of them at this point. The aim is to progress this into a full clear of 3 hrs with all the CMs. Our first priority is to be able to do a full clear in one day to then add the CM clears aswell on those days. 

If this seems like something you're up for, you're more than welcome to pm me. See you around gamers. 😄

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