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Water spear 3- Ripple + dashing out of etch.

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Probably an L take from me, but my immediate thought when I saw the demo was Ripple's dash would push us outside of our etch, which it does. You have to stand at the edge of the circle and evade back into it, which barely puts you back at the edge of the other side of the circle. To me that kind of negates the entire purpose of what you're supposed to do within the etch itself. It makes reaching the final tier incredibly difficult.
The large distance covered by it and the speed of it is absolutely amazing, but perhaps instead of a straight line dash with a leap finisher, it could be a ground-targeted leap finisher that the player has more control over? My initial thought on this skill after playing with it. It has a powerful unique buff with 33% reduced cool-down on your next spear skill, but the forced movement takes away from it.


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