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Anet, please consider swapping Spear 4 and 3 together

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Spear necro is a lot of fun so far, ty Anet! Just one small request if possible - if we could swap S3 and S4 together and have the port on Spear 3 instead of 4 that would flow so much better and would feel a lot more intuitive because sword leap is 3,  HB leap also 3 (devouring cut). Took a long time to get used to the S3 when I was instinctively going RS2 for leaps and now we have RS2, sword 3, Spear 4 so many wrong buttons to press 🙂
Just a small suggestion, maybe it's just me but it would help a lot! Thanks!

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Eh, I think just as many weapons have a "buff" on 3 and a movement skill on 4?

I am generally against this hard lining of number slots and functionality, it is threatening to homogenize very weapon to the same five functions if it happens enough.

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