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new necro spear abilities question: extirpation

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Extirpation is a new condition (I'm assuming its a condition) inflicted by Necro Spear 5 which instead of stripping boons it negates the next boon from being applied (negate 1 boon per stack).  How will the "negation" of a boon work with mechanics based on boon stripping and corrupting?  Like with the Scourge Feed from Corruption trait (applies a barrier when you remove/corrupt a boon).

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6 minutes ago, Vile.4387 said:

Im more interested in people with resistance. Does Extripate work with people that have a resistance boon?

yes it does because it has nothing to do with movement impairment and is also a unique debuff  like vampiric signet stacks

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But it can be blocked. XD. Extripate is a non damaging condition though. Resistance ignores those. Maybe it works similar to the poison heal negation. Where it has no effect.

In regard to OP, i dont think it would work with that talent. Unless they change it to boon negation as well.

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I'm pretty sure it's not a Condition, but rather an Effect (such as Justice applied by Spear of Justice, Disenchantment applied by Winds of Disenchantment, Binding Blade, Soothing Mist, etc). 

I doubt Anet thought of and implemented interactions such as with Feed from Corruption.

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